London's Science Museum Superbugs Exhibit: Trailer

Videographers from London's Science Museum followed us for a few days on our 2017 field expedition to Iceland. The trailer previews a larger exhibit titled Superbugs: The Fight for Our Lives. The exhibit will run from November 2017 to Spring 2019.  


  • Curiosity Podcast, September 5, 2017: Brian discusses the history of antibiotic discovery, his research program, and racial disparities in Chicago.

  • ACS PressPac, April 8, 2015: The ACS selected our paper in ACS Infectious Diseases to appear in their monthly press release. 

  • Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant, March 24, 2015: Features our ACS Infectious Disease publication.


  • Toronto Star, September 20, 2014: Antibiotic Hunters. Murphy lab was the major feature of a piece that documented our collection trip and tuberculosis discovery efforts in Iceland.

  • NPR News, February 4, 2014: The Environmental Report: Murphy lab featured in an interview that describes our Great Lakes antibiotic discovery program. 

  • UIC News Cover story, April 17, 2013: Highlights a Department of Defense grant between Drs. Murphy and Franzblau to combat the pathogen M. tuberculosis.

  • The Columbia Chronicle, March 18, 2013: A feature on our drug-discovery program.

  • Science Daily, March 13, 2013: A feature on our drug-discovery program. 

  • C&E News, September 10, 2012: An article highlighting our lab’s contribution to small molecule pigment discovery. 

Cuiosity Podcast (Guest Brian Murphy) - Microscopic chemical warfare of antibiotics
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Award winning world health reporter Jennifer Yang of the Toronto Star (@jyangstar) wrote an outstanding tutorial on the emergence of antibiotic resistant bacteria and efforts by basic scientists (starring us) to combat these pathogens. She traveled with us on our 2014 expedition to Iceland. 

Talk in a pub - 7/10/2017​ - 

The Chicago Council on Science and Technology sponsored an event at the local pub, where Brian had the opportunity to present his research to the public! And this was no fluffy overview...he went deep into one project of innovating the antibiotic discovery process!

Iceland collection expeditions - 2013, 2014, 2015​ - 

In collaboration with Dr. Sesselja Omarsdottir from the University of Iceland, we set out to explore the potential of the frigid Icelandic waters to yield new antibiotics. (*Some 2014 pictures taken by Jennifer Yang)

2015 Iceland Collection Expedition Movie

From time to time we have the great fortune of going on adventures. Here are a few videos to show the more exciting side of basic research...

Vietnam collection expedition - 2014

In collaboration with Dr. Van Cuong Pham from the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, we ventured across Vietnam's East Sea in search for drug leads.

UIC Campus Insights

Presentation on Global Outreach; January 14, 2015