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Become active.

Build a bridge between university and community. 

Undergraduate and graduate students learn to teach. Youth experience hands-on science from their neighbors. Regardless of your position in academia, you can start this partnership! Resources are given below. 

Our First Lego League team: The Marillac Robotians​ 

We partner with the Marillac/Hope Junior Community Center in Chicago's Garfield Park. The Robotians are made up of Middle School youth at the center. They have competed in three First LEGO League tourneys. The team learns concepts of engineering, computer programming, all in an environment centered around teamwork.

2017 highlight film

2018 highlight film

2019 highlight film

Racism and classism are systemic.

They are structural.


Fight racism and economic disadvantage in your area by using your position of privilege as an academic. Here is an example of how you can bridge university and community:


1) Build a partnership with underserved communities in your area, whether based on race, gender identity, economic status, etc. Partner with a local community center (eg, Boys and Girls Club): One barrier to a partnership is the first step: reaching out. ​ 

Example: In 2016-2017, we reached out to our neighbors in the Near West Side - the James Jordan Boys and Girls Club. They were excited to partner with us to conduct a series of monthly experiments that included molecular modeling, making liquid nitrogen ice cream, and launching air and chemical powered bottle rockets! The program focused on introducing students to STEM using hands-on experimentation. You are capable of initiating this partnership.

Links to teaching and outreach resources coming soon!

BGC Event 1 - Vanessa
BGC Event 1 - Alanna
BGC Event 1 - Braulio
BGC Event 1 - Chase2
Designing and shooting water powered rockets at James Jordan Boys and Girls Club
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